Meet Kathe

Kathe Meade

“Be where your feet are.”

“5 kids between the Dave and I, six grand kids, an 11-year old daughter, a little dog, a cat and two hamsters … we are the Brady Bunch,” Kathe Meade, President of Meade Wheeler Financial Group, says while she laughs. “Plus being married to my business partner is a daily reminder to keep our practice focused on what matters most … faith, family and security.”

Kathe grew up in the industry. Her step-father Ken and Mother Patricia started their agency in 1976. Ken was and still is one of Jackson County’s leading financial planners. “It’s so great to see clients I grew up with who would come into see Ken now bring their children and grandchildren in to plan for their future,” Meade recollects. “I’ve been so fortunate to watch so many families reach so many milestones together and truly watch their dreams come true. We follow the succession plan we preach.” Meade has worked in financial services and benefits for over 25 years. Over a decade ago, Kathe and David Meade bought the family business, and we became Meade Wheeler Financial Group.

For over 25 years, Meade has helped business owners provide comprehensive employee health plans and financial services for her clients. Meade has also helped many of the agencies’ financial clients navigate through the wildly complicated path of Medicare planning.

Meade also prides herself on helping women steer in to the next chapter of their life. “Divorce and death can be overwhelming and at times devastating,” Meade said. “I’ve realized humans need an objective ear and an unemotional bias to really review the truth to figure out what the next chapter of their lives is going to look like. There have been so many happy endings that started in despair.”

When Meade is not leading the Meade Wheeler Financial Group, she loves spending time with her 11 year old daughter Abigail at their cottage on Beaver Island. “There is something so magical seeing nature through a child’s eye,” Meade said. Yet, eyes lighting up around Kathe is not reserved solely for when exploring the beauty in nature with her family….

Just two simple words ‘Culinary Secrets’ has been known to light up the eyes of the Meade’s entire community, at least those of whom have had the distinct pleasure of indulging in one of Kathe’s culinary masterpieces!

When asked her secret in the kitchen, Kathe smiles and responds simply with “I cook with love!” Spending time with her daughter in the kitchen is the highlights of their time together. “Abigail makes a mean braised short rib for being 11!”

Though she may never reveal all of the secrets behind the mastery of craft, Kathe loves teaching cooking classes where she is able to share her passion with others.

Kathe Meade has been proud to call Jackson, Michigan her home for her entire life. Meade is currently a member on the Board of Directors for Cascade Manors House and on Jackson Christian Schools royal Ministries Trust Foundation committee.