Meet Ken

Ken Wheeler

“You have launched your ship…

You have taken command…

Your journey now is to other lands.

The storms you encounter along the way,

Will be testing your strengths to see if you stay.

So sail on friend,

Be fearless and bold
For your story will never all be told.”

-Ken Wheeler

A poignant depiction of life, written by a man that without hesitation describes himself as:

79 years of LIFE

59 years of financial services

41 years of marriage to Patricia

58 years of parenting

5 children

14 grandchildren

13 great grandchildren

1 great great grandchild

With a resume comprising as many years of experience as this, it could be said that Ken Wheeler is something of an expert in a few categories of life. Though he has a lot of stories portraying years of epic fishing adventures and travels around the world, Wheeler believes those journeys pale in comparison to the pride of his memories made with family and friends who shared those experiences with him along the way.

“These are the things that make life worth living!”

Wheeler’s commitment to family values is echoed in his 59-year career as a financial professional. “My business is what gets me up in the morning. I want other families to rest peacefully at night knowing that their financial future is secure and their loved ones are protected.”

Ironically, though Wheeler has helped hundreds of people with their retirements, he himself has no desire to ever retire! This may be surprising to some, but as the saying goes… “If you love what you do, you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Wheeler understands the importance of succession planning for his clients as well as his own business. Wheeler is able to continue the career he loves by staying on at Meade Wheeler Financial group with his daughter Kathe Meade and her husband David Meade.