Meet Marie


“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain

Cross country skier, amateur geologist and hiker-kayaker-gardener-extraordinaire are among many of Marie’s talents.  But her absolute favorite activity is experiencing these outdoor adventures with her sweet and smart walking partner – her dog Hope! 

While Hope may be the inspiration and motivator to keep Marie active in the great outdoors, Marie is also inspired by the idea of maintaining a positive perspective on life – created from staying informed and viewing situations from all vantage points.

Marie applies this concept to her position as Director of First Impressions at Meade Wheeler Financial Group.  She believes if individuals are educated and can “see a situation from all vantage points,” they can shape their perspective on life which will help them visualize their dreams and define their goals.

The ability of Meade Wheeler Financial Group to educate their clients and to help them successfully achieve their goals is one of the reasons that attracted Marie to the company.  She is “impressed with their ability to understand our clients, their individual needs and tailor a plan for them.” It is this process combined with the honesty and integrity displayed by Kathe and Dave Meade that makes her proud.

Marie enjoys contributing to the overall process of creating individualized financial plans to help clients achieve their goals.  Her experience as a licensed insurance agent and executive assistant has contributed to the company’s success.