Meet Pat

Pat Wheeler

Do unto others as you would have done unto you”

The Golden Rule

With 45 years of experience in the industry it is evident that the matriarch of the Meade/Wheeler partnership has insisted upon indoctrinating the basic principle of the Golden Rule as the foundation of Meade Wheeler Financial Group.

Pat Wheeler takes much pride in the family and company that are not only respected experts within the financial industry, but more importantly their unified commitment to always staying grounded and living by the simple fundamentals of a good life.

“A lot of truth be told in the title of Robert Fulghum’s classic writing, ‘All that I really need to know I learned in Kindergarten.’”

But don’t be mistaken, Pat’s contribution to the Meade Wheeler Financial Group far exceeds her work establishing the cornerstones of the company’s mission statement and faithful pledge to be honest and have exceptional client service.

Pat also utilizes a variety of her other talents to ensure that each client feels like they too are a part of the Meade/Wheeler family. Whether baking an assortment of her special recipe treats or exploring the local shops to create the most thoughtful gift baskets, Pat Wheeler’s devotion to her family and clients that make up the Meade Wheeler Financial Group is unprecedented.

As many other retirees, Pat and Ken Wheeler share a love for traveling and dream of soon taking much anticipated getaways to explore Vancouver and other destinations on their bucket list. Yet, this dynamic duo that has spent over 45 years providing peace to their clients’ retirements, have no plan to stop helping others live out their retirement dreams. “It’s one of our passions…why would we want to quit?”